Best Mage Leveling Spec
New: Updated for Cataclysm!

Click here to get WoW CrusherIf you are looking to level up a Mage in record time, it is of utmost importance to use the best Mage leveling spec. In this article, I will reveal what this best Mage build is level by level and offer some strategies for using each talent effectively.

Mage Build Basics

I think that the best Mage leveling spec by far is Frost. This tier deals decent damage with low quality gear, is very survivable, can solo elite mobs with ease, and is great at low-level PvP. This makes it a great leveling spec.

You will want to be able to solo elites in order to do all the best quests available in game. Since Ice Mages start with a Water Elemental thanks to the Cataclysm talents, there truly is no spec that compares to Frost for leveling up.

Additionally, later talents like Ice Block come in handy, especially when other player's try to jump you for being in their leveling spot. You can easily Ice Block to survive, root them, then blink and run away!

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Best Mage Leveling Spec Overview: 2 Arcane | 8 Fire | 31 Frost


2/2 Improved Counterspell


3/3 Burning Soul
2/2 Improved Fire Blast
3/3 Fire Power or 2/2 Blazing Speed + 1/2 Impact


2/2 Early Frost
3/3 Piercing Ice
2/2 Shatter
3/3 Ice Floes
2/2 Improved Cone of Cold
2/3 Permafrost
1/1 Icy Veins
3/3 Fingers of Frost
3/3 Improved Freeze
1/1 Cold Snap
3/3 brain Freeze
1/1 Ice Barrier
2/2 Reactive Barrier
2/2 Frostfire Orb
1/1 Deep Freeze

As you can see, we end up with most of the talents in the Frost tier. I recommend skipping over Piercing Shards (aggros random targets), Ice Shards (not useful if you are questing for leveling), Enduring Winter (for raiding not leveling), and Shattered Barrier (Cone of Cold has the same effect).

Now, let's look at the level by level breakdown of the best Mage leveling spec:

Levels 10-17

2/2 Early Frost
2/2 Shatter
1/3 Piercing Ice

Nothing too exciting here; I recommend picking up Shatter early as it synergizes nicely with Improved Cone of Cold which we will be picking up in a few levels.

Levels 19-27

3/3 Piercing Ice (1 already from last level)
2/2 Improved Cone of Cold
1/3 Icy Floes

Piercing Ice, Shatter, and Improved Cone of Cold have amazing early synergy. You can use Cone of Cold on a target, then cast a Frostbolt which will deal bonus damage plus is likely to crit.

Frost Nova also freezes targets, letting you alternate between Cone of Cold and Frost Nova so that you are practically always casting on a Frozen target.

Levels 29-37

1/1 Icy Veins
3/3 Icy Floes (1 from previous level)
2/3 Fingers of Frost

Icy Veins is a no brainer. Works amazing when combined with the Water Elemental for a huge damage burst. I also like Icy Floes, as Cone of Cold is a primary move for you as a low-level Frost mage.

Fingers of Frost also can proc for some big burst damage with Ice Lance, and since Frost Bolt and Cone of Cold are both "chill" effects, it procs frequently.

Levels 39-47

1/1 Ice Block
3/3 Brain Freeze
3/3 Fingers of Frost (2 from previous levels)

Ice Block is a fantastic talent that significantly improves Mage survivability. Brain Freeze is great because is essentially gives you a 15% chance to get a mana-free instant-cast Frostbolt or Frostfire Bolt.

If you have Fingers of Frost active, you can use Frostfire Bolt and get not only an instant cast but also one that acts as if the target is frozen. In other words, the instant Frostfire bolt will deal 20% bonus damage and has a good chance to crit.

Levels 49-57

1/1 Ice Barrier
2/2 Reactive Barrier
2/3 Improved Freeze

Ice Barrier is a great way to soak up a lot of damage as a Mage, and Reactive Barrier helps prevent you from getting surprised by too many mobs, a hidden elite, or an aggressive player. It is practically impossible to die with these talents in addition to Ice Block; you will have no doubt that Frost is the best Mage leveling spec.

Improved Freeze also drastically increases burst damage and is a valuable talent: there just was not any spare talent points or we would have picked this up earlier.

Levels 59-69

3/3 Improved Freeze (2 from last level)
2/2 Frostfire Orb
2/3 Permafrost
1/1 Deep Freeze

While this level is not quite as exciting, the talents are useful. We cap off Improved Freeze here, which makes the Water Elemental's Freeze spell a big damage boos with the 2 Fingers of Frost charges it provides.

Frostfire Orb is a pretty neat talent that makes the Flame Orb spell reminescent of the Frozen Orb from Diablo 2. I would spec it for that reason alone, but that is just me!

Permafrost is an okay talent (more of a PvP or an AoE grinding talent), but ther eis nothing else to put the points in. I like to play an in-your-face Frost Mage with heavy usage of Cone of Cold and Frost Nova, so the extra chill effect does not mean much if you are playing with that style.

With the final point going in Deep Freeze, we are now free to access the other 2 tiers.

Levels 70-85

2/2 Improved Counterspell
3/3 Burning Soul
2/2 Improved Fire Blast
3/3 Fire Power

The final 10 talent points for a Mage are pretty solid. Improved Counterspell is great whenever you are facing another player that is trying to attack you. Additionally, Burning Soul makes it a lot easier to cast spells when a mob is beating on you.

The 3/3 points in Fire Power is just for fun; you can easily put them in 2/2 Blazing Speed or 2/2 Impact if you like. At this point, you will be reaching max level and will probably be looking to respec anyway to a raiding-based or PvP based spec.


So there you have it - Frost it the best Mage leveling spec. Just writing this article makes me want to level a Mage! If you are planning on doing that, I would recommend picking up Dugi's Ultimate WoW guide which can significantly improve your leveling speed.

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