Best Place to Farm Gold

Click here to get WoW CrusherIf you have an afternoon to spend farming and are looking to make hundreds or even thousands of gold, then heading back to the lower level zones just might be the best place to farm gold!

There are a lot of "old world" drops which are quite valuable which you can farm to make tons of money as a level 80 to 85. Low level areas can be the best place to farm gold because there is no competition and higher level players just do not feel like going into old areas.

"Old world" items are worth the most towards the end of an expansion cycle. In other words, when an expansion first comes out, players are looking to spend their gold on new gear, gems, recipes, leveling professions, mounts, and other new goodies that revolve around expansion releases. With the release of Cataclysm, the best place to farm gold will assuredly be in the new areas.

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High level players (the ones with gold) are not looking to spend gold on materials for twink items or other lower level gear. They are willing to pay a lot of gold for new materials though! I have already put out a WoW Cataclysm gold guide that you can use to profit off the new expansion.

However, after an expansion has been out for about 6 months, the demand for new expansion items will drop significantly and players will no longer pay tons of gold for new materials that are easily farmable. Once the strategies in the Cataclysm gold guide become less profitable, you can start farming old world items to make tons of gold.

For example, low level instances make can the best place to farm gold since they are very easy sources of enchanting materials such as large brilliant shards, dream dust, and other enchanting materials. These items command a relatively high price as they are used to level enchanting.

Additionally, the level 50 to 60 elementals are a great source of gold. These days, even the "common" pieces like the breath of air, elemental air, and elemental fire are all worth 5 gold or more, depending on server. The essences can fetch 20g+! A kill on these mobs is worth around 2g and you can kill hundreds in an hour!

Depending on server prices, the best place to farm gold could be either the northwest corner of Silithus (air elementals) or Un'goro Crater (fire elementals). Check the auction house for competition and then head out to this location. Easy gold awaits!

Low Level Players

For lower level players, farming ore and herbs is also a great way to make some extra gold. Everything from copper ore to thorium ore fetches a solid price, and who knows how the new Cataclysm world will effect this market. My guess is that these items will become even more valuable as the space to farm these items will shrink considerably.

As a result, for low level players, the best place to farm gold is not one place at all, but rather be sure to keep Mining or Herbalism skilled up as you level. This way, you can net tons of gold by simply harvesting nodes you see while you quest and level up.

As questing becomes more streamlined with the release of Cataclysm, new players will not be out in the field grinding and supplying the server with low level materials but instead will be following streamlined quests. This leaves a hole in the market that can be filled by enterprising level 85s to make tons of gold.


Strangely enough, farming in the low level areas can be one of the most profitable things for a higher level player to do. Pay attention to what low level items sell for a lot on your server. Search the auction house, particularly for crafting materials and elemental items, and then farm the most valuable items accordingly.

The best place to farm gold is never the overcrowded high-level "farmer" camps. Unusual sources always provide the highest income. and market fluctuations will determine the best place to go. An influx of a few high level players looking to powerlevel enchanting could make a low level instance a hotspot.

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