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Level 50-60

From levels 50-60, you can start to farm a few new monsters (though I would recommend waiting until level 60 so you can at least get your flying mount) and you also now can efficiently farm one of the best old-world mining and herbing spots in the game.


Once you hit level 60 and get your flying mount, check out the farming spots listed in the farming guide for Breath of Wind / Essence of Air, as well as for Essence of Water / Elemental Water. These can be quite valuable, but it varies on a server by server basis, so be sure to check your Auction House.

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This is one of my favorite gathering spots in game. I like it because 1) it is very profitable and 2) it is completely mindless. Here is the map:

level 60 gold guide

No, that is not a joke - circling the perimeter of Un'goro Crater is one of the most lucrative things you can do in-game from gathering. Note: If you are on a flying mount you can also visit the Volcano area for more Rich Thorium + Mountain Silversage.

In one trip around the loop I found:

15x Small Thorium Veins
9x Rich Thorium Veins
1x Golden Sansam nodes
5x Mountain Silversage nodes
1x Sungrass node
3x Mithril Nodes
1x Dreamfoil Node

Between all the nodes, I gained 91 thorium ore, 4x Arcane Crystals, 2x Azerothian Diamonds, 1x Large Opal, and 119 Dense stone (i.e. about 120 gold worth of materials). One lap takes less than 15 minutes on an epic flyer.

Naturally, it takes about 4x as long on a ground mount, but it still takes less than an hour to make the full circle, and if you gather both the herbs and minerals you can easily pull in 150-200g an hour.

Herb Gathering

As you can see, Un'goro is primarily for miners; there is about 30-40g to be made for a lap around the loop with Herbalism, but most of the gold is for miners. If you do not have mining leveled up and only have Herbalism, Winterspring makes a great alternative.

Icecap only spawns in Winterspring and it sells for 2-3g a piece, depending on your server. There are also plenty of Thorium Veins here as well as large quantities of Mountain Silversage (2g a piece).

Both herbs spawn in very large quantities and the zone is big enough for 2 people on flying mounts to farm at the same time (probably 4 different people could farm it on ground mounts without there being an issue).

Here is the map:

level 50 gold guide

This location is also amazing. The herbs and ore are jammed together and the spawns are much denser then you would ever find in Northrend or Outlands.

The key is to check your auction house before farming either area. Following this path one loop around will take you a big longer than the Un'goro Crater loop, but it will yield approximately 40 Thorium Ore, 60 Icecap, and 30 Mountain Silversage. It can easily pull in 500g+ an hour on a flying mount and 200g+ an hour on a ground mount if there is no competition.

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