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Tier 1 Elementals (Level 50-60 Monsters)  

Tier 1 Elementals include all of the "Old World" elementals that have been in the game since release. In particular, the first three classes of elemental material all fall under this category (i.e. Elemental Water, Heart of Fire, and Essence of Air, so on and so forth). 

Note that these items may drop in value temporarily around Cataclysm's release since players will be leveling up Goblins and Worgens and end up fighting elementals in the process. 


Tier 1 Air Elementals 

Target items: Essence of Air, Breath of Air
Target monster: Dust Stormer
Location: Silithus
Rating: Very Profitable 

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elemental farming spots


Dust Storms spawn in large quantities in the pictures above. They spawn on either side of the small mountain in the picture, adjacent to The Crystal Vale. 

As mentioned in the previous example, Dust Stormers are one of the most valuable monsters in game and have a very high drop rate for Essence of Air and Breath of Wind. On most servers, these are the most profitable Tier 1 elementals, but you will have to check your exact server's economy. 


Other Tier-1 Elementals

I do not recommend actively trying to farm anything besides the Air elementals are not as profitable. However, sometimes when the stars align, the prices of these items spikes and they can be valuable. Always scout your own Auction House before farming these items though. 


Tier 1 Water Elementals 

Target items: Elemental Water, Essence of Water, Globe of Water
Target monster: Ice Avatar
Location: Winterspring
Rating: Occasionally Profitable 


water elemental farming spots


These are generally the second most-valuable monster. For these particular monsters, Essence of Water is the most valuable item, but Elemental Water is actually more valuable on most servers than Breath of Water. 

Essences generally go for around 10 gold and Elemental Water typically goes for 6-7 gold. Of course, you can always raise the price if you are the only one selling these items. 

Pre-Cataclysm, this Tier 1 Water elementals were great to farm, but the new quests involving this area will drive the price of elemental water down. 


Tier 1 Earth Elementals 

Target items: Elemental Earth
Target monster:
Location: Stonetalon Mountains
Rating: Occasionally Profitable


earth elemental farming spots


When it comes to Tier 1 earth elementals, it turns out that Elemental Earth is the only valuable item. Core of Earth and Essence of Earth rarely are valuable, but Elemental Earth can often 10 gold+ per. 

I do not recommend level 80+ players to farm here, but a lower level player (30+) can easily farm here and make a few gold to get a new mount or some training.


Tier 1 Fire Elementals 

Target items: Heart of Fire, Essence of Fire
Target monster: Living Blaze and Scorching Elemental
Location: Un'goro Crater
Rating: Rarely Profitable


fire elemental farming


Fire Plume Ridge in Un'goro Crater is the best place to farm tier 1 fire elementals. Generally, Heart of Flame tends to be the most profitable item. 

I would not recommend farming unless the conditions are just right. If no Essence of Fire is for sale on your server, you can get away with charging lots of gold for these items. However, it is traditionally hard to sell anything aside from the Heart of Flame. Do not farm this item unless conditions are just right. 

Another side perk of this location is that Rich Thorium Veins also spawn here frequently. If you are a miner, you can definitely profit off that fact.

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