WoW Gold Guide: World of Warcraft Gold Guide

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Great news! I wrote a World of Warcraft gold guide which I was planning on selling. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was am no longer able to sell this guide.

Since I had this WoW Gold Guide sitting around, I figured I would upload it to this site for players to use - 100% free of charge! The table of contents for this free WoW gold guide is available below:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Supply and Demand

Part 3: Making Gold from WoW Expansions

Part 4: Methods of Earning Gold in WoW

Part 5: Why Dailies Are Worthless for Gold

Chapter 2: Gathering Guide

Part 1: WoW Gathering Guide Introduction

Part 2: How to Make Gold By Gathering in WoW

Part 3: WoW Gathering Routes

Part 4: Cataclysm Ore and Herb Gathering Spots

Part 5: Best Gathering Locations

Part 6: Best Time to Gather in WoW

Part 7: Skinning Gold Guide

Chapter 3: Farming Guide

Part 1: WoW Farming Guide

Part 2: Best Farming Spots

Part 3: Elemental Farming Spots

Part 4: Primal Farming Spots

Part 5: Eternal Farming Spots

Part 6: Cataclysm Volatile Farming Spots

Chapter 4: Professions Guide

Part 1: Professions Gold Guide

Part 2: Alchemy Gold Guide

Part 3: Jewelcrafting Gold Guide

Part 4: Best Time to Buy Items in WoW

Part 5: Best Time to Sell Items in WoW

Part 6: Best Way to Make Gold in WoW

Part 7: WoW Prospecting Gold Guide

Part 8: Making Huge Profits from Jewelcrafting

Part 9: When to Sell Gems in WoW

Part 10: Alchemy Gold Guide Part 2

Part 11: Elixir Mastery Gold Guide

Part 12: Potion Mastery Gold Guide

Part 13: Inscription Gold Guide

Part 14: Leatherworking Gold Guide

Part 15: Blacksmithing Gold Guide

Part 16: Enchanting Gold Guide

Part 17: Tailoring Gold Guide

Part 18: Engineering Gold Guide

Chapter 5: Low-Level WoW Gold Guide

Part 1: WoW Newbie Gold Guide

Part 2: Levels 1-40 WoW Gold Guide

Part 3: Levels 40-50 WoW Gold Guide

Part 4: Levels 50-60 WoW Gold Guide

Part 5: Levels 60-70 WoW Gold Guide

Part 6: Levels 70-80 WoW Gold Guide

Chapter 6: Conclusion

The WoW Gold Guide in 15 Bullet Points

Using the Guide: This WoW Gold guide was originaly meant to be a digital guide, so the pages are meant to be read in order. If you want to jump ahead, feel free, but if you do not understand what is being discussed, try reading the WoW Gold guide from the beginning so that you will understand all of the concepts being presented.

In World of Warcraft, being able to readly make gold is a necessary skill if you plan on playing the game at level 80 and beyond. In this World of Warcraft Gold Guide, I will be discussing the best ways to make gold. This is handy as it allows you to:

  • Pay for repairs
  • Buy your Epic Flyer
  • Get all the top enchants and gems for your gear
  • Buy the best Bind on Equip gear the second it is available
  • Powerlevel through factions
  • Gear out max-level alts, new characters, and twinks

With that said, here are some of the top strategies that you can use to make gold.

1. Farming Gold

Farming is the most common strategy used to make gold. This involves killing mobs over and over again in order to collect a particular item of worth. Typically, you will want to choose an item with high demand when farming (such as Crystallized Life and Eternal Life) rather than an item which has a limited demand.

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Generally, I do not recommend farming. Since it is so easy to do, the payout is pretty low. Anything that is easy to perform does not command a high price, both in real life and in World of Warcraft. Personally, I recommend using one of the other strategies in this World of Warcraft Gold guide.

Farming comes in handy when you are absolutely broke, have finished all your daily quests, and need money right away. It can also be of benefit if you have a long weekend day to play and really need to make some gold.

Some of the more lucrative gold-making options like playing the Auction House take a lot more time to mature, so they are not always an option!

2. Daily Quests

Daily quests are probably the best way for the "everyman" to farm gold in World of Warcraft. You can do up to 25 dailies a day and earn over 300 gold every day just by performing the dailies.

However, this process can be time-consuming. A guide like Dugi's Daily Guide is very beneficial here as the add-on is able to tell you exactly how to perform your dailies in fastest way possible (all in-game!). With the add-on, it takes about an hour to earn your 300 gold. Without the add-on, it can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours, depending on how fast you are.

Personally, I do not have 3 hours a day to dedicate to farming gold, which is why I recommend Dugi's add-on. By following the steps outlined in the add-on, you can earn about 300 gold an hour, once per day. It will only take you 2 weeks each day to buy your epic flyer by following this strategy.

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This strategy is best if you have 1-2 characters. If you have 10 alts to feed, you might be hard pressed to support all of your characters just by doing dailies.

3. Professions

Professions are one of my top recommendations in this World of Warcraft gold guide. However, not all professions are created equal. I am of the opinion that no profession is as inherently profitable as Jewelcrafting.

It is very easy for a Jewelcrafter to buy gems for cheap, cut them, then list them on the auction house. The popular gems offer the following stats:

  • +Strength
  • +Agility
  • +Spell Power
  • +Crit
  • +Hit
  • +Str / Crit
  • +Spell Power / Crit

Notice that none of these gems are blue or purple. Those color gems just do not sell fast enough to make this profitable. What happens is on Tuesdays, players get new Arena gear and raiding gear and want to gem their new shiny piece of equipment that second.

As a result, they are willing to pay ridiculous amounts for these gems. Cut them and put them on the auction house the night on Monday night for big profits.

This is a great strategy and can be used to earn tons of gold. It is one of my top strategies that you will find in this World of Warcraft gold guide.

4. Playing the Auction House

I saved the best strategy for last in this World of Warcraft gold guide. I am sure you have heard about this strategy often, and people have reported making 100,000+ gold simply by playing the auction house. I can vouch that this is doable (but takes a lot of practice and some add-ons).

The basic gist of this strategy is to buy items for cheap and resell them for more gold. Here are my recommended items to look for:

  • If you have a low bank-roll (less than 200g), look for things like Copper Ore and other low level crafting items. High level players will pay a lot for this; buy all the Copper Ore under 2g a stack and relist it for 10g. It will sell eventually (might take a few days).
  • If you have a moderate-sized bank-roll, look for rare and epic items that are underpriced. This can be a big money-maker during new patches and expansions. Look for items like Trinkets that may be underpriced. Buy them and relist them for more.
  • If you have a very large bank-roll, you can corner entire markets. What you do is buy out every single copy of a high-demand item (like enchanting materials) and then relist these items for twice as much. Keep buying the materials when new auctions go up and relisting them for a higher price. Eventually the people wanting enchants will have to buy from you.
    • This requires a lot of gold!


By using the great strategies supplied in this World of Warcraft gold guide, you should have no problem getting enough gold to buy whatever you want in World of Warcraft! Now that you know how to make gold, I recommend picking up this guide in order to maximize your gold making abilities: 

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